There’s a lovely old English myth that if someone who truely loved and trusted the werewolf called it by name that it would turn back to human.

Others include throwing their human clothes at it and it’d turn back but that’s a bit less romantic

Ezra Koenigs golden rules for life
1: always carry sunglasses
2: do your emails while you drink coffee
3: disable text preview
4: respect all faiths
5: eat healthy by yourself
6: never wear flip-flops in public
7: learn how to say, ''i understand every word you're saying, motherfucker'' in multiple languages.
8: take a shower
9: it's better to underdress than overdress
10: don't worry about manners too much
~ Q magazine

Gerard Way for NME, September 2014

Gerard photographed at his home for the LA Times

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e s i t a n t  a l i e n

Now we come to step three.
This… drives… most… people… crazy.